Five Amazing Careers in Cosmetology

For years you have been the go-to for all your friends. You are the beauty maven, the hair queen. You have definitely been eyeing that cosmetology school website for the past… well… years. You haven’t taken the plunge yet, however. Not because you don’t feel drawn to what you have firmly deemed as a “dream job”, but because like many of your fellow beauty mavens you aren’t quite sure what you would do once you have the freshly printed certification in hand. Wonder no longer, here are five amazing careers in cosmetology that will put the final piece in place.

  1. Standard Salon

    standard salonAlthough many times these places can get a bad rap, there is nothing “sub-par” in the everyday salon. You find them in almost every strip mall across America with many of these brands being some of the most trusted in the industry. If you want to build your skill set a standard salon is a great place to work and to create lasting memories.

  2. High-End Salon

    high end salon Have your eyes set on something higher? Something with a little more punk rock, or chandelier covered beige? A high-end salon might be just up your alley. These salons are often specialized in anything from curly hair, to trends, and balayage. They feature tons of add ons like scalp massages and deep conditioning treatments. If you want to attach your name to a brand and are ready to work hard to build your own book, this is the perfect option.

  3. Specialized Salon

    barber salonDifferent from the high-end and street salons are the specialized salons which lie somewhere in the middle. These salon cater to specific niches, from men’s high brow and sports bar, to women’s throw back. You can even find some kid friendly salons covered in balloons and carnival rides. If you really love the idea of specializing in men’s cuts or making kids look the absolute cutest, you will find pure enjoyment in this line of work.

  4. Independant Consultant

    Personal artistsThere is something beautiful about getting a bride ready for her big day, creating the perfect up-do for prom or preparing that nervous little girl for her Quinceañera celebration. If you have a dream of creating your own hours and working to build a spectacular home business that will send you traveling, then this is something you will definitely want to put on your bucket list.

  5. Professional Artist

    Makeup in MoviesLights. Camera. Action. Want to go beyond the normal world of cosmetology and cut your chops in the exciting world of movies and print? You can do that to. Becoming a professional is easier than you think as long as you are ready and willing to do the hard work to get there. Film and photoshoots are always looking for artists, no matter how small the production, the work is out there.

Those dreams you have been having for years are a true possibility. In fact, these are just the top five. There is a whole word out there that a cosmetology license can grant you. If you are ready to take the plunge, contact us and we will you go from dreamer to updoer.