Does Beauty School Feel Out of Reach? It Doesn’t Have to

Paying for school can be a scary unknown. With so many “ifs”, “whats”, and “hows” it can feel like a brick wall of confusion that can stop many in their tracks.

In fact, financial confusion and constraints are the number one reason people stop short of pursuing higher education, and gaining the career of their dreams.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

While the cost of school can seem like an overwhelming unknown, there are many things in place that can help release some of that weight and make higher education a reality.

One of the biggest things you can do to help is also one of the least under understood, and most under-used, options out there.

applying for scholarships


There are so many scholarships out there that there are full websites devoted to helping students search for and apply for them. And yet, they are still some of the most underutilized forms of financial assistance out there. It is estimated that only 1 in 20 students that are moving onto higher education will apply for scholarships. That means that only 1% of students are seeking after what could potentially be thousands of dollars in free money.

But is it Really Free?

Yes, scholarships are really free. Scholarships are a form of financial assistance that does not need to be paid back. So, at their very core they are free. That does not, however, mean that Uncle Pennybags is just sitting at a street corner handing out stacks of cash. You will have to do your part to apply.

It’s that applications process that makes many shy away from applying, or even argue that it is not free money at all.

“They take too long…”

We have heard it a hundred times before, after all if you spend three hours writing essays and getting referrals for a scholarship that you don’t get, it’s time and money that you don’t get back.

But what if you spend twenty hours applying for eight scholarships, and get two of them? Yes, it took you twenty hours of work, but that could also give you hundreds if not thousands to put toward your schooling.

Free money that you wouldn’t have to borrow and pay back.

woman saving money

It’s More Than Just Time…

If you are not a writer, the idea of spending twenty hours writing essays may be sending you into a cold sweat. In fact, it may be the sole reason you have avoided the scholarship game all together, but that may be a mistake. Saying that essay writing is required for applications is probably one of the biggest financial assistance myths out there.

There are many different kinds of scholarships, from merit based, to need based, to talent based. And, their application processes vary just as widely, with GPA’s and videos to the odd duct tape dress scholarship submissions. Even if you are not a writer, there is no need to shy away from scholarships.

Not One Size Fits All

Not every student will qualify for every scholarship. Many scholarships are unique to the community you live in, the school you are attending, your backgrounds, and many more factors that it is important to pay close attention to before applying. We suggest sitting down and working with the admissions department at your school to find the right scholarships for you before you start applying. This will not only save you time, but will give you a greater chance at qualifying for the most scholarships you can.

At TSPA Altoona we have several different scholarships that are unique, and built just for our students, and to TSPA students across the country. We encourage all of our students to apply for these scholarships, and would love to sit down with our future students to help them find and understand these wonderful opportunities.

Scholarships take work. But they are also worth it.

Invest in your future with a scholarship! The career you love could be closer than you think.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you understand scholarships!

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