Experience Fall in Altoona, PA

Looking for local haunts in Altoona, Pennsylvania? We have the skinny on all the fun, spooky, creepy, and zombie ridden activities.

Experience Fall in Altoona, PA

Let’s Get Our and Play!

October 1 – Altoona Cheerleading Fundraiser Bingo  – St. Rose of Lima School – An annual dinner and bingo event t support the local cheerleaders.

October 4 – 18 – JB Farms Fall Frenzy Days – http://www.jbtreefarm.com/fall_frenzy.html – Enjoy leisurely days strolling through beautiful farmlands and enjoying the fruits and vegetables of the farmland.

October 6th – Zombie Town USA – Downtown Altoona –  http://zombietownusa.com – For 48 hours Altoona PA will become the epicenter of a zombie apocalypse, with Zombies roaming the streets, looking for their next victim. Can you survive?

October 6th – Felix and The Hurricanes, Live in Concert  – Heidelberg Country Club – Come see this local band and enjoy some great food and drinks.

October 6th – Witching Hour Ghost Hunt At the Railroaders Memorial Museum – Joins JABA Paranormal Investigators in this creeptastic haunt and tour.

October 6-28th – Lincoln Caverns Ghosts and Goblins Tour Huntington, PA – www.lincolncaverns.com – Journey into the center of the earth for a terrifying 90 minutes of underground haunts. With multiple haunted activities and tours, you’ll be sure to shiver.

October 7th – Spirits on the Summit Tour – http://www.visitjohnstownpa.com/oct-15-2016/spirits-summit-tour Explore the dark history of the Pennsylvania railroad in this walking tour full of all sorts of creepy haunts.

October 11th – Fall Frolic Gift and Craft Expo – Logan Valley Mall – Explore the best in high quality local-made gifts and crafts and start getting ready for the holidays.

October 14th – Fear ‘n’ Beer Brewers Fest – www.altoonacurve.com A horror themed craft beer festival for the lager lover in all of us. With food, vendors, and haunted activities, this event benefits the Mending Hearts Animal Rescue.

October 14th – 1940s Victory Celebration – A fundraiser for the Home Nursing Agency this event takes you back in time to the “good ol’ days” and to a post-WWll celebrations to remember.

October 14thAltoona Wine and Spirits Fest-a-Paloozahttp://www.localwineevents.com/events/detail/679418 – Enjoy the best of the local wines and brews in this tasting event that will take you through our beautiful countryside.

October 15th – Fall Taste of Downtown Altoona with Josh Gallagher – Take a tour of the best of Altoona eats and treats with local musician Josh Gallagher in this community fundraisng event full of beautiful fall colors.

October 15th – 18th Century Dinner and Fort Roberdeauwww.fortroberdeau.org – Experience the revolutionary era and historic culture of our city in this unique experience that will transport you back in time.

October 19th – Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt – Brush Mountain Running – this 5k and 10k costume race will take you through Pennsylvania countryside.

October 22nd – Central PA Pet Expohttp://centralpapetexpo.com/ – Full of demonstrations, vendors, and exhibits to help both you and your pet, you can become a great animal owner at this annual event.

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Ready For Beauty School? Here’s How to Make Your Debut.

A career in beauty can become an amazing future full of unlimited possibility.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Altoona we have seen many of our students go on to do amazing things. From owning their own businesses to being a featured stylist at top salons or for star-studded celebs.

With all that success and accomplishment, however, we still face some rather large stigmas.

A career in beauty is still thought of as something for “drop-outs”, and while that is certainly not the case, it can make telling people that you want to pursue your dream especially difficult.

If you are ready to tell your parents or loved ones about your goals for the future, we have some helpful hints to make it not only pain free but a supportive jump into your new amazing future.

woman in school

Just the Facts

When you have questions, you research. You spend hours on Google digging deep and learning everything you can. By coming into any conversation with the research already done, you could be prepared for any questions and eliminate any fear.

Five Easy Facts to Get You Started

  1. Grow Baby Grow!– Beauty careers are growing at a rate 20% faster than the national average. That means there are lots of opportunities, and lots of available positions.
  2. Graduate Faster– The average program length for cosmetology school in the U.S. is 13 months. That’s a quarter of the time of a traditional school, getting you working faster.
  3. Less Cost. Less Debt.– Along with taking significantly less time, cosmetology school also costs significantly less. And less cost means less debt. With student loans accounting for more than half of income struggles in US families, it’s a benefit you can’t overlook.
  4. Accredited– Accrediting bodies not only monitor schools, but help to assure that quality standards are met. There are many different types of accrediting, the National Accrediting Commission of Careers Arts and Sciences(NACCAS) is one that works specifically with beauty based schools. At TSPA Altoona we are proud to be accredited by NACCAS.
  5. Long Term Potential– With the huge amount of growth that is taking place in this field, not only are there huge opportunities, but the future is bright with years of growth and enjoyment. In fact, a recent poll shows that over 80% of cosmetologists have been in their field for over 30 years!

two women making a plan

Make a Plan

You know you want to go to beauty school, you know what your dreams are – but what happens after? What does your future truly look like?

You know the question will come up and even though you might already know what your path holds, it’s always good to have a plan B, or even C, ready for any questions that might come up.

With so many possibilities available, there is certainly no shortage of paths that are available for you!

Five Beautiful Futures That Could be Yours

  1. Salon– When you think ‘cosmetologist’ you think salon. It’s the biggest opportunity available for beauty professionals. In addition, it is also a great jumping point for a variety of opportunities.
  2. Personal Stylist– Beginning with a foundation in hair, this future can lead to working with brides or girls getting ready for prom.
  3. Resort Stylist– From cruises to beach resorts to mountain health springs, the places that cosmetologists are needed might surprise you. If you have ever wanted to see the world, this option could get you there.
  4. Business Owner– Cosmetology school can prepare you for much more than cutting hair, with classes in business management you could own your own salon. It’s time you created your own success story.
  5. Spa Life– Spas are growing in popularity, no matter if you are working in cosmetology or esthetics this serene future is not far away.

pretty girl with books

Figure out the Details

Pursuing a higher education can be a complicated process, no matter what kind of school you choose to attend. Just as you should seek to understand the industry, understanding the schooling can make a huge impact when talking to your parents.

Before you dive in, head in and sit down with an enrollment representative at TSPA Altoona. We can answer all your questions and get you the information you need to make a worthwhile decisions.

Questions to Ask on Your Tour

  • School Schedule– Your life can be busy, it’s important that your school schedule matches. Do you want to take classes full time, or do you need part time to accommodate work or family? Understanding what is available is vital to being able to make a decision. At TSPA Altoona, we offer both full time and part time classes, making an education possible.
  • Education Requirements– Is a high school diploma required? How old do you have to be before enrolling? The answer to these might affect you, so it’s important that you understand them.
  • Financial Aid– Paying for school can put a burden on anyone. At TSPA Altoona we are proud to offer federal financial aid to those who qualify, making an education that might have previously been out of reach, possible.
  • Length of Program– You have dreams, and chances are, you are eager to make them a reality. Keeping your feet on the ground and being aware of approximate graduation times can help you keep your expectations realistic, and let those you love know what awaits you.
  • Career Assistance– Often, cosmetology schools will have relationships with local salons that could help students find that perfect position right out of school. Make sure to ask on your tour to see what is available.

Daughter talking to mom

Introduce Them to Your Passion

Chances are pretty high that your parents already know of your passion for beauty. They have seen it for years in your perfect prom look and the way you are always one step ahead of trends. While they may be resistant of your choice, understanding every detail of what awaits you can help to ease any tension that might present itself.

At TSPA Altoona we happily welcome you and your parents in for a tour to show them the beautiful facility that could open up so many doors for you and to answer any questions that they might have.

Schedule your tour today and introduce your family to not only your passion, but the beautiful future you are creating.

You have a craving to create, and we want you to feel supportive on your journey. With everyone from your friends and family to your educators and peers beside you, we believe you can do amazing things.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information vist www.tspacity.com