What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your 2018 Hairstyle?

2017 is almost over, the new year is quickly approaching and with it a year full of new possibilities is coming. If you, like many people, look to the stars for hints of what time and the universe hold for you, we have just the insight for you.

By looking at the stars, and referring to some of the finest astrologers around, we can tell you not only what your 2018 could hold, but what hairstyle is going to make you look on fleek for all the adventures that await you.

Tell us your star sign and we will peek into your upcoming year and all the amazing that awaits you.

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March 21st – April 19th

2018 will be a year of power for you. Not only will your love life be in your control, but you will be able to guide your career toward good fortune. Stay level headed with meditation and yoga to keep yourself in balance and free thinking.

Thanks to the placement of Pluto and Saturn, the next two years are strong for you, so take control now to make the most of it.

Be ready to face the powerful energy that awaits you with a messy bun. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your hair to let your personality shine.



April 20th – May 20th

2018 will be full of joyous peace for you. While your love life will be a passionate one, you will have to prove yourself at work and in other relationships. Be careful to balance your desires to avoid missteps.

Your creativity will be at an all time high thanks to the placement of Uranus. Take advantage of this by starting that project at work you have been holding off or embracing a new passion that previously seemed impossible.

Let your calm creativity shine with free flowing locks drenched in a mirror of color and excitement.



May 21st – June 20th

This year watch for someone new to come into your life. Romantic or not, this new connection will bring you great mental satisfaction. Be careful to avoid arguments and don’t get distracted by material goods to help keep your year charged with vitality and energy.

The transit of Venus through your house is good news as it’s relationship with Gemini will invite harmony and balance into your life.

Keep that balance in harmony with your new relationships with long flowing locks that welcome beauty and compassion.



June 21st – July 22nd

Look forward to an optimistic year in 2018. Work will keep you busy, and you may find yourself pulled toward new opportunities to learn. Make sure to take time for yourself and for the relationships you value to keep those ties strong.

Because of Mars unique placement through the beginning of the year you will see advances in your career, now is the time to take that risk you’ve been thinking about.

With so much work ahead of you, you’re best off to keep your hair in braids to keep it looking great, no matter how much time you have to prep in the morning.



July 23rd – Aug 23rd

Be prepared for a fast-paced and dynamic 2018. You will see large shifts in both work and relationships this year, so be prepared to focus on yourself as you adjust to these changes.

Jupiter has a focus on your career this year, opening more doors and creating more opportunities. Exciting possibilities could be heading your way.

Embrace the dynamic and switch up your 2018 with a short cut and bright color that will show the world you are ready for whatever comes your way.



August 24th – September 22nd

Problems will be solved easily for you in 2018. While you may find yourself busy with projects you can see immense growth with added focus.

Venus will be traveling through your house this year, bringing good vibes to you career, swinging possibilities opens just as Jupiter introduces someone new to your life.

Be ready for anything with an embellished ponytail, keep a hair tie handy at all times to help make this year great.



September 23rd – October 22nd

2018 is the time to make up for lost passions. Give into that change in hobbies or work that has been taunting you for a while, and discover a new joy that could lead you into great potential. Children play an important role in the year ahead.

With Saturn’s guidance this year you could find yourself gaining control of your life in ways that will leave you happier and stronger in yourself.

Keep your elegance while you explore and embrace an elegant twist that is not only easy to do, but looks great!



October 23rd – November 21st

Keep yourself mentally fit in 2018 to see huge growth in both career and relationships. Thoroughly contemplate any decisions to avoid pitfalls that the universe may have planned for you.

Venus is spending some time in your house this year, bringing growth in your finances, try something new to help take advantage of this comic windfall.

Keep yourself looking great this year with a long versatile cut that can suit any need and keep you glamorous through everything.



Nov 22nd – Dec 21st

Keep yourself healthy this year and you will see happiness and growth in your career. Have trust and patience with those around you to help cultivate relations, as communication may be difficult this year.

Jupiter’s vibration can help you align your inner desires and emotions this year, consider seeking out a life coach or therapist to help you make the most of it.

Be ready for anything with an embellished ponytail, keep a hair tie handy at all times to help make this year great.



Dec 22 – Jan 19

This is the year to try new things! Use 2018 to focus on your dreams and desires and you may find that you can achieve them easily. As you journey through the new year remember that endings can lead to beautiful beginnings.

Venus will bring grace to you work and health this year, as long as you lean in to your team and associates. Embrace the love and romance that will grow for you this year.

Let the romance shine this year and let your hair free, embrace curls or texture just as you are embracing yourself.



Jan 20th – Feb 18th

Seek balance in exercise and good eating habits this year. Keeping yourself mentally strong will open doors in your career this year, with a journey across the ocean possible. Stay flexible and prepared to explore in order to make the most of this opportunity.

Venus will greatly benefit your sign this year, bringing adventuring relationships into your life. This could present itself in friends, social activities, or a new romance.

Be ready to face the adventures that awaits you with a messy bun. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your hair to let your personality shine.



Feb 19th – Mar 20th

2018 will be a year of upheavals and transformation for you. Focus your energy and curb your financial habits to create new opportunities in your career and relationships.

Venus will be shining a positive light on your home and family this year, setting a calm energy over your life.

Keep your elegance while you explore and embrace an elegant twist that is not only easy to do, but looks great!

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TSPA Altoona – Excellence in Small Business Award Winners

The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Altoona has a long tradition of dedication to our students, and to our community. From the very beginning it has been our goal to bolster up our friends, our family, and our neighbors as they build businesses, careers, and lead a future generation forward.

Even through our transition from Pruontos Beauty School to becoming a proud member of the TSPA brand that we are today, our dedication to the community that we call home has been our number one focus.

This last month, at the Blair County Chamber of Commerce annual Business Awards Program dinner that dedication and commitment was recognized as Kim Hofer, our second generation owner was awarded with the Excellence in Small Business Award.

Kim Hofer accepting award

This award recognizes small businesses in Blair County who strive to serve the community and build leaders that will not only strengthen both current employees, but future generations. That commitment should last over at least 15 years, with a strong demonstration of stability.

With almost fifty years of history we are proud to be part of our community, and for all we have accomplished in our time here. From receiving the coveted Diamond Academy accolade from The Salon Professional Academy and Redken, to being recognized as Director of the Year by TSPA, Kim has accomplished a lot – and that passion is clear to everyone around her.

Recognized at an elegant annual dinner, Kim Hofer and the educators at TSPA Altoona were the sole recipients of the Excellence in Small Business Award. Whereas, in previous years, multiple business have been recognized, this year Kim’s work at The Salon Professional Academy, Altoona stood out, granting them this singular honor.

Kim Hofer and staff accepting award

It was an amazing experience for the school and staff to be recognized, and to show the people in our amazing area all that we have done.

When our owner, Kim Hofer, was asked what this accolade means to the school, and to all of those that have found an education behind our doors she said; “Excellence in business comes down to one thing, a strong team working together. I am so blessed to have a team that believes in the same dream that I do. Our passion to educate our students and grow them into salon leaders is what drives our success. We see the success in our students and graduates every day, but it is still nice to receive a little recognition from our community too!”

At The Salon Professional Academy, Altoona we are honored to be recognized for our work. Altoona is our home, and to be recognized by our own community is an amazing honor.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in beauty and want a school that is committed to you and your future we invite you to take a tour of TSPA Altoona today. Come on in and see how our commitment to our community, and to our students can help you build a successful future.