5 Ways to Show Your Team Spirit This Season

Chances are there is a sports team that you associate yourself with. No matter how serious you are about your team, it is always more exciting when you show some team spirit! Need some ideas to get you started? These are a few ways to let your spirit shine!


If you bleed your team’s colors and want people to know, then coloring your hair might just do the trick! This bold statement will leave everyone knowing exactly which team you are rooting for, and how committed you are to it. If coloring your hair is currently not something you want to do, don’t worry there are other ways to show your colors.

Girl with long, vibrant red hair.


Another less permanent way to show your team spirit with your hair is by using ribbons. Simply tying your hair up or braiding your hair with a ribbon will help you stand out. The more creative you are the better, so think outside the box! Ribbons are very inexpensive and easy to find. You should be able to find your teams colors at your local craft or fabric store.

Blonde girl with sports team bow.


Wearing your team’s apparel is always a good way to show your allegiance. Things like jerseys, ball caps, and even foam fingers can be game changers when it comes to team spirit. Not wanting to spend a lot of money? We know how you feel! Go buy some paint, a white shirt, and a hat and then go to town! Doing it yourself is a great way to stand out.

Sports team apparel.

Face Paint

Another bold way to support your team is by painting your face! Face paint stands out and is easy to use. Painting a logo will always look good, but if you want something more simple, just paint your whole face. It can be difficult to paint something on your own face, so we would recommend having a friend do it for you.

Dark haired girl with green makeup and sports face paint.


Painting your nails is another awesome way to show your team spirit! As you can see in the picture above, it’s easy to be creative. Look online for cool ideas or just think of something yourself!

Sports team nails.

We hope that our list has given you some good ideas! Let us know if you have other ideas in the comments below. Also If you need some help getting ready, check out our student salon! Give us a call or book an appointment when you get here!

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