Pick up some cool summer gear and support a great cause.  From June 1st to August 1st we will be selling a fun and versatile summer stretchy scarf or “buff” like the ones you’ve seen on the tv show Survivor.  They can be worn more than a dozen different ways and are the perfect summer accessory!  They only cost $5 and all of the proceeds from your purchase go toward support of The Central PA Humane Society.    Get them for you, a friend, a furry friend and the kids and know that you are doing your part to support a great cause.


The Salon Professional Academy is running a fun contest that could make you “Insta-famous” and hook you up with a fabulous prize.   Simply follow the steps below for a chance to win the grand prize.

The contest is simple:

  • Purchase a TSPA Buff at the school
  • Take a fun, creative selfie prominently featuring you wearing the buff.(keep the images appropriate please 😊 )
  • Post it to your Instagram account using these two hashtags: [#tspainthebuff] & [#tspaaltoona]
  • Post your picture by August 1st
  • Check back with the school, our social media accounts, and/or website to see if you won and to claim your prize.

CONTEST DETAILS: Employees, currently enrolled students, and direct account contacts from vendors/companies affiliated with the school are ineligible to win the grand prize.  All posts need to be of an appropriate nature. Lewd, profane, discriminatory, or inappropriate posts will be disqualified.  Winner must claim prize by September 1st, 2019 or it will be awarded to the next selected post winner.  Contact this school with any additional questions you may have.  The use of the word “buff” is a play on words as well as the colloquial, generic term for a stretchy, tubular-sewn scarf and not meant to imply the product being sold for charity is the trademark brand BUFF®. 


Fundraiser For Fallen PA State Trooper’s Family Begins Thursday at The Salon Professional Academy


Altoona – Thursday, March 9th, 9:00am – 8:30pm. 

Donations will directly support State Trooper Landon Weaver’s family.

 Join The Salon Professional Academy for a fundraiser to directly support State Troops Landon Weaver’s family. The Salon Professional Academy is donating 25% of all sales during the fundraiser.   For community member’s who want to make a direct donation, there will be a donation box. Purchases may include salon services, spa & spray tanning packages, gift certificates and all salon products.

Learn more about Trooper Weaver’s personal story here:

If you would like to learn more about the event or more about supporting this family. Please call 814-944-4494

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Sara McGarvey at Shag Salon

Today Taylor our recruiter stopped at Shag in Duncanville, PA to sit and talk with stylist Sara Mcgarvey.

About Sara

Sara graduated in 2013 from TSPA she is certified in
Brazilian Blow outs, is a wax specialist, and is certified in Kenra color.

Sara’s favorite Educator was Miss Rose because she said she was stern, and she made her do something over and over until she learned it.

What made Sara choose shag? She said- ” my first impression was great, it looked like a really fun salon, and the atmosphere was great is was also super busy.”

Sara said that TSPA helped her learn how to sell retail and make money in a salon. She said that she has to hit certain numbers at Shag so it really helped her to be able to move up in the salon with the education they provided.

Sara’s future plans are to stay at shag for a few more years and than eventually be a TIGI representative and travel to salons to sell it and educate people on it.

Sara said her role models are her mom and her boss Craig. She chose her my mom because she said she was always there to reinforce that it will all be okay even when she thought everything was falling apart.
She chose Craig because he has taught her everything that she needed to know to grow and learn in a salon, and he has gone above and beyond his way to be her mentor and guide her in the right direction.

Sara wanted to give advice to the students at TSPA. She said that the students should go to a salon where they are able to move up and grow with the company and earn rewards and to go to a salon where they have opportunities. She mentioned that they should go to a salon where they can do so many different things and not just the same things over and over again.

Sara also said no matter how difficult the day is, there are always better days ahead and you can’t let the one bad day ruin the whole week. Also don’t ever let a client question your ability as to why your even doing hair.

How TSPA Altoona Made a Difference

Sara wanted to thank The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Altoona for always giving her the opportunities to continue learning even after she graduated at TSPA.

Anna Lewis a 2014 Graduate

Last week our recruiter Taylor was in Duncanville and Hollidaysburg at the local salons and got to sit and talk with a TSPA Graduate.

About Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis is a 2014 TSPA grad. Anna said she has been interested in a career in cosmetology since she was about 12 years old. She said she knew she always wanted to be a cosmetologist and started at TSPA as soon as she graduated high school .

Anna’s Favorite Educator was Miss Michelle. Anna said that she choose Miss Michelle as her favorite because she always had something new to show me and was very inspiring to me.

Anna said she chose Holiday Hair because it was close to home and was a good way to build up clientele!

Anna’s Future plans are to stay with Holiday Hair and work her way up in the franchise. Anna also wants to learn more and continue with classes whenever she can.

Anna’s role model is her father because he always pushed her to do anything she put her my mind to, and wouldn’t let her stop until her goals were reached.

How TSPA Altoona Made a Difference For This Grad

How did TSPA help Anna in her career today? Anna said ” TSPA definitely prepared me for boards and helped me with my confidence to know what I was doing without them by my side.” Anna also said that she wouldn’t of went anywhere else, she feels like she’s ahead of the game by choosing TSPA.

Anna would like to thank TSPA and each of the educators for everything that they do. She wouldn’t be where she was today without them by her side.

Who Loves Ms. Diane?!


Which means you get to meet one of our staff members here at the academy, and today in our staff spotlight is Miss D.

About Miss Diane

Miss D was a 2000 cosmetology Pruonto’s graduate and a 2001 educators license graduate.

She has been in the hair industry for many years and after she graduated from Pruonto’s she started out working alongside her sisters at Sister Shears Salon.
later she decided to take on the role of an educator at Pruonto’s in 2004. She started out part-time while working at the salon and became the part-time class educator.

In 2012 she became full-time lead educator here when we switched over to The Salon Professional Academy name.

Some fun facts about Miss Diane are that she is a Certified Redken Design Stylist, has been to the national Redken Artist Connection in Vegas, and has been to Symposium twice in Vegas.

Miss D has finally found her place in life and has never been happier helping students out on the student salon training area.

Say Hi to Brandi Hammersley!

Everyone meet Brandi Hammersley, a 2013 TSPA Altoona graduate!

About Brandi

Brandi’s favorite educator was Miss Rose and Miss D, she chose Miss Rose because she was the one that would push her no matter what level she wanted to achieve. She chose Miss D because she was a very good educator and could teach her things on the level that she needed to be taught and was also more hands and helped her when she needed it.

How Did TSPA Help Brandi in Her Career?

TSPA helped her with consultations and helped her become more comfortable speaking to people.

Brandi said she chose Holiday Hair because “I was a new grad and needed somewhere where people are walking in constantly so the clientele itself was perfect and will get me to the point where I can own my own someday.”

Brandi’s Future plans are to grow within the franchise of Holiday Hair until something would happen that She wouldn’t want to work there anymore.

Brandi wants to thank the staff and TSPA for always being there for her and believing in her.

Meet Ms. Rose!

Can you guess what today is?

Today we would like to introduce to you, the lovely Miss Rose!

About Miss Rose

Miss Rose is an Educator here at TSPA, and if you decide to come back to school for your educator license she is the one you will be with for your time here.

Miss Rose is a 1990 Cosmetology Pruonto’s graduate, and a 1992 Educators license Graduate!

Miss Rose has been with the team for a very long time but before she started here she worked in a salon for a year and then was asked to become an educator here at the Academy in 1994 by Miss S.

Miss Rose is the Educators license GuRu, if you want to become an educator she is the one for you!

Some fun facts about Miss Rose is that her daughter Miss Michelle also works here as an educator,
Miss Rose has attended seminars in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Las Vegas.
She also just became a first time Grandma last year.

Wait, What?! The Salon Professional Academy Altoona was Pruontos?!

Can You Believe?!

We are finding out that a lot of people are unaware that Pruonto’s Hair Design Institute and The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Altoona are one in the same! Kim Hofer took over as owner after working with her parents for more than 15 years at Pruonto’s Hair Design Institute. In the pursuit of wanting better education and more opportunities for students and staff, she joined the Redken Franchise 6 years ago after being contacted by them personally!

We are now in our new location at Orchard Plaza across from the Logan Valley Mall, next to Big Lots and Eat’n Park.
If you are a former graduate of Pruonto’s, give us a shout out! And don’t forget whether a Pruonto’s or TSPA graduate you are still a part of our family and we want to show our love by offering you your TSPA Forever card. Don’t know what that is? Message us and we can give you all the exciting details!