Meet Michelle and Kayla: The TSPA Altoona Dream Team!

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Altoona, we believe in the power of teamwork. In order to help our students succeed, a team needs to share the same goals and passions if they want to stay in sync. Our very own Michelle Fogal and Kayla Shook are perfect examples of this type of passionate collaboration.

Michelle Fogal: Admissions Representative and Director of Education

Michelle graduated from TSPA Altoona in 2007 with her cosmetology license. She then returned to the academy and graduated with her educator’s license in 2014. With 11 years of experience both behind the chair and as an educator, Michelle has a true passion for the beauty industry. With help from her teammate and friend, Kayla, Michelle oversees recruiting and admissions. She visits high schools, guides student tours, and helps with the entire admissions process. In addition, she oversees educators and coaches the staff and students. “My favorite part of the job is helping students make a final decision,” Michelle says. “It’s a big decision to decide what career path you want to take. I take comfort in the fact that I work one on one with students and help them decide what to do with their future.”

Kayla Shook: Financial Aid Advisor

Kayla received her cosmetology license at TSPA Altoona in 2007 and her educator’s license in 2008. After this, she worked in a salon for a year and then returned to the academy to teach for three years. She is now in charge of the whole financial aid process at TSPA Altoona. Kayla and Michelle work together to help students succeed from start to finish. She wants the program to be affordable for everyone attending the school so they can achieve their goals. “I’m passionate about seeing students succeed from start to finish,” Kayla says. “I want them to feel comfortable, I want to get to know them. I love seeing the finished product at the end.” As the financial aid advisor, Kayla offers financial progress reports, information about financial aid options, and direct support to keep students on track at all times.

The Dream Team

When two people work well together, amazing things can happen. Michelle and Kayla may have different roles at the school, but they’ve worked hard to become a dual, cohesive unit of support for students. Their shared work mentality allows them to focus 100 percent of their energy on students’ success, needs, and issues. This mentality has created a positive, welcoming environment at TSPA Altoona. It’s a place where students can feel supported and always know that they are the top priority. “These two ladies are a dream team because they have the passion and the drive to understand and focus on the students,” says TSPA Altoona owner, Kim Hofer. “They know how to ask the right questions and make students feel comfortable enough to move forward. They’re extremely passionate and truly care about students.”

Michelle Fogal and Kayla Shook.

Connecting With Students and Creating a Support System

Michelle and Kayla work hard to help students and treat them as individuals. They don’t just focus on enrollment numbers but take the time to learn about the students’ dreams, goals, and concerns. At the end of the day, both women love what they do and this shines through as they connect with students and their families or support systems. Both Kayla and Michelle agreed that the most rewarding part of the job is hearing words of gratitude from students, parents, or other family members. When Michelle and Kayla hear that students have achieved their goals and are living happily in their new careers, it makes all the hard work worth it.

Meet Michelle and Kayla!

If you’re interested in working with this great team, contact us today to learn more about enrollment. When you join the TSPA Altoona family, you receive more than just an education. We offer the support and encouragement you need to create a future in the beauty industry! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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