Meet Kellie Cusick!

Everyone meet Kellie Cusick!

How TSPA Altoona Prepared Kellie for Her Future

Kellie is a 2006 Pruontos Graduate. She currently works at Holiday Hair Ivy Side and has for about 6 years now.

Kellie told Taylor that Pruontos helped her because the educators were very hands-on, made sure she knew what she was doing at all times, and was there to lend a helping hand if needed.

Kellie’s favorite educators were Miss D and Miss Rose. She said she chose these two educator’s because they were both very hands-on and helpful. Kellie said
“If I was having trouble with something they would make me get a mannequin out and show me how to do something over and over again until I understood it.”
They helped her a lot and instead of making a big deal and getting frustrated they gave her confidence and helped her understand instead.

Kellie said she chose Holiday Hair because of the busy location and the girls that worked there. She said it would be a good place for her to build up her clientele.

She would like to thank the team and everyone for letting her get this far and pushing her to do her best when she didn’t think her best was good enough!