Who Loves Ms. Diane?!


Which means you get to meet one of our staff members here at the academy, and today in our staff spotlight is Miss D.

About Miss Diane

Miss D was a 2000 cosmetology Pruonto’s graduate and a 2001 educators license graduate.

She has been in the hair industry for many years and after she graduated from Pruonto’s she started out working alongside her sisters at Sister Shears Salon.
later she decided to take on the role of an educator at Pruonto’s in 2004. She started out part-time while working at the salon and became the part-time class educator.

In 2012 she became full-time lead educator here when we switched over to The Salon Professional Academy name.

Some fun facts about Miss Diane are that she is a Certified Redken Design Stylist, has been to the national Redken Artist Connection in Vegas, and has been to Symposium twice in Vegas.

Miss D has finally found her place in life and has never been happier helping students out on the student salon training area.

Meet Ms. Rose!

Can you guess what today is?

Today we would like to introduce to you, the lovely Miss Rose!

About Miss Rose

Miss Rose is an Educator here at TSPA, and if you decide to come back to school for your educator license she is the one you will be with for your time here.

Miss Rose is a 1990 Cosmetology Pruonto’s graduate, and a 1992 Educators license Graduate!

Miss Rose has been with the team for a very long time but before she started here she worked in a salon for a year and then was asked to become an educator here at the Academy in 1994 by Miss S.

Miss Rose is the Educators license GuRu, if you want to become an educator she is the one for you!

Some fun facts about Miss Rose is that her daughter Miss Michelle also works here as an educator,
Miss Rose has attended seminars in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Las Vegas.
She also just became a first time Grandma last year.