What It Takes to Be a Nail Pro

When it comes to beauty and creating the perfect look, nails are a huge part of that. Finger and toe nails can be the cherry on top or the last finishing touch to completing your perfect style. Because nails are pivotal in the grand scheme of creating an awesome look, there are those out there who have to dedicate themselves to learning how to create that! These are the nail technicians and they are just as important as any other beauty professional!
sparkly golden finger nails

What Do Nail Pro’s Do?

Manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and nail polish are a few jobs that a nail tech does. They pamper the tips of your feet and hands like they should be. A nail technician can be trained in many different techniques that will not only make your nails look nice, but will help the skin around them be more healthy. Having nice nails and a splash of color on your fingers can make all the difference!
Hands being manicured

Where Do Nail Pro’s Work?

You may know someone who is a trained nail tech and they probably work in a salon or spa. This is the most common place for a certified nail technician to work, but there are those who do it freelance or who do nails in addition to providing other services. If you’re thinking about starting your own salon or beauty business, becoming a nail pro can help you be much more competitive!

What Else Can They Do?

Doing nails is just one aspect of cosmetology. Many people who are trained nail technicians also have training and certifications in other areas of cosmetology, like hair and makeup. Becoming a nail technician is a great way to get started in the cosmetology world. Getting certified as a nail technician only takes 200 hours. At a school like The Salon Professional Academy Altoona (TSPA Altoona), you can learn to be a nail tech quickly then if you want to learn more you can take other cosmetology courses.
colorful finger nails

How to Become A Nail Pro

There’s a lot to learn to become a nail pro, but don’t worry we can help you! Becoming a nail technician requires that you learn about the chemistry of nails, sanitation practices, nail sculpting, as well as business and communication skills. The best place to learn these things is at a certified school. In school you can learn what you need to know to be a pro and you can also get practice and experience to help you make it a career!

Being a nail pro can be a fun and fast paced career. If you’re interested in becoming a nail pro, contact us! You can also schedule a visit and come talk to us about learning the ins and outs of the beauty industry. We can’t wait to help you begin the journey toward a career!

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