Mystic Tan Has Come to Altoona!

Like a cold front that comes up out of the Gulf and pushes off to the east – Mystic Tan has hit Altoona. The Salon Professional Academy Altoona has long worked to offer some huge innovations and cutting edge techniques, embracing some of the biggest trends before they hit the mainstream. No where is that more evident than in our newest addition, something that, while not unique to the beauty industry, has been mostly unheard of within a cosmetology school: A Mystic Tan booth. As one of the first in country to include this in their list of services, TSPA Altoona is excited to offer this as an asset to not only their students but to the community as well. If you have ever been interested in spray tans, or have gotten one in the past, here are six things you will want to know about this exciting service.

  1. It’s Fully Automated!

    The Mystic Tan booth is one of the most advanced in the country, offering a fully automated system that not only tells you where and how to stand, but will even dry you off, ensuring that from the moment you step out of the booth you are ready to hit the town.

  2. It’s Customizable!

    With several customizable scents, and a wide array of shades that react to your skin tone, The Mystic Tan spray service helps you create a look that is unique to you, all while avoiding that horrifying orange hue spray tans are known for.

  3. It’s Accelerated!

    No, literally. The Mystic Spray Tan system works with your skin tone, utilizing an accelerator that blossoms on your skin, giving you that “just home from the beach” feel. While you’ll be tan free just out of the booth, within a few hours the color will blossom. Want color sooner? You can easily add a bronzer to your custom mixture. Even better? The floor of the booth is ionized, helping the tanning solution to stick to your skin and giving that color an opportunity to last even longer.

  4. It’s Not Cool!

    Well, it is, but what we mean to say is that the booth is heated! You won’t be stepping into cold air and onto and even colder floor. The entire thing is heated for your comfort.

  5. It’s Fast!

    Taking about 15 minutes from the time you walk through our doors, to the time you leave, this process is one of the fastest out there. In fact, although appointments are recommended, walk ins are welcome and the most you will be waiting is just a few minutes.

  6. It’s Sanitary!

    While the fully automated book has an autoclean feature, the staff and students at TSPA Altoona take that cleanliness one step further by washing out and wiping down the booth between each use. You have nothing to fear!

Mystic Tan in Altoona

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