Covid 19 Info

Hi Everyone! I know these are crazy times we are going through right now, and there are so many things to think about and concerns we all have to worry about! I can assure you we are taking everyone’s health and well being to heart. Currently our Student Salon Training Area will be closed to the public until further guidance is provided. Students and staff are home and safe.
We have been diligently working on our end to provide education to our students through multiple platforms so that once our doors reopen everyone can pick up and continue on as normal!
We have received approval from our State Board and Accrediting Agency to begin offering Distance Learning. Our educators have jumped on webinars for guidance on how to provide this type of education. In essence it is very similar to our type of advanced training that we have been teaching in our brick and mortar building!
We are excited to offer this training where our students can continue their education right from their own home until we can reopen the doors. So very exciting!
We are also still enrolling and starting classes through this same type of education. So don’t delay your career if you are interested in starting your education right from the safety of your home!
We look forward to seeing our lights back on and students back in their seats and behind their chairs doing what they love!
In the mean time contact Michelle at if you are interested in setting up a virtual tour, stay home, stay safe, and stay well!
Kim Hofer
President and Director of Operations

Simply The Best

Are you curious why our students and graduates believe The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) in Altoona is the best beauty school in Central Pennsylvania?   We are happy to share the facts, awards, and recognitions that have people singing our praises and referring students to our Academy.

First, The Salon Professional Academy in Altoona has been recognized by the professional beauty and product brand Redken 5th Avenue NYC with the REDKEN Diamond Academy award for our excellence in education every year since the award was introduced in 2014.  As a Diamond Academy, TSPA Altoona must demonstrate a commitment to, and delivery of, Redken’s advanced education protocols and standards, which is confirmed by a rigorous examination of our facility, systems, curriculum and staff!

Second, in 2017 the Blair County Chamber of Commerce awarded our Academy the Excellence in Small Business for our entrepreneurship, technology in our classrooms and business developing skills for our students.  We are the only beauty school in the area to have received this award in the past decade.

Third, we have an Award-Winning Team!  The Salon Professional Education Company (SPEC), which has 30 franchised beauty schools nationwide, has recognized the TSPA Altoona team multiple times over the past five years.  In 2016, Kim Hofer, our owner, was recognized as SPEC’s Operations Director of the Year.  In 2018, our Dynamic Duo of Michelle Fogal and Kayla Shook were recognized as SPEC’s Admissions Director of the Year and Financial Aid Director of the Year, respectively. Their outstanding teamwork is now a franchise-wide template to other franchisees as to how their roles intertwine and support prospective students.



So, if you are thinking about a career in the beauty industry, you should come in and visit with our award-winning team.  Our welcoming culture and learner-focused approach to education is truly different and designed to appeal to today’s students.  You want and deserve an incredible education and environment – you will find it at The Salon Professional Academy in Altoona, PA!

We are here to help you begin your path on an amazing journey!


We Have A History with Success –
Originally founded as Pruonto’s Hair Design Institute in 1963, we have spent decades helping to build future salon professionals. We are ready to help assist you in the journey of discovering your success.

Family Values-
Since the beginning, TSPA Altoona has always focused on the value of family. Owner, Kim Hofer, purchased the school from her parents in 2008. She has turned a small privately- owned business into a thriving enterprise based on the advanced education today’s students are looking for. That family spirit has resonated into the culture we have here at TSPA. From our staff, to our students, to our guests, our goal is always to make you feel at home with us.

The Full TSPA Experience-
Our programs are designed to engage all types of learning styles. Hands on, visual, and demonstration-based curriculum helps ensure that students are able to learn concepts such as product knowledge, business building skills, hair design, skin care, nail technology, eyelash extensions, and so much more. We offer the tools you will need to provide your guest with that 5-star experience. We are dedicated to helping you build the skills you need for a successful career.

Educators with a Purpose-
Our Educational team has over 65 combined years of experience in both behind the chair and facilitation. Our team is here to provide you with one on one coaching to grow you both personally, and professionally. It is this current experience, and continued trainings that our Educators attend throughout the year, that they are able to share their passion, and professionalism so enthusiastically with each of our students.

The Support Systems-
Our Front Desk Support Staff team members are here to assist you in guest services. They help you prepare for your real-life salon experiences by assisting with pre-booking, retail sales, and additional services.

The Admissions and Financial Aid partnership is as strong as our willingness to help you get started into your future career! When it comes to offering students support, guidance, and assistance, we are always on top of it. It is a great example of two people working together as a cohesive, dual unit of support for students. With a shared work mentality and love of the beauty industry, they can create a positive, welcoming environment at TSPA Altoona.

Our Office Administrator Ali is the woman behind the curtain. She assists the Educators, Admissions, Financial Aid, Front Desk Support Staff, and most importantly, the students. She sits with each student and walks them through the process of applying for their state board exam. She stays up to date with our Alumni to make sure our students are placed and finding a home after school.

                                                    We can’t wait for you to join our TSPA family!


Pick up some cool summer gear and support a great cause.  From June 1st to August 1st we will be selling a fun and versatile summer stretchy scarf or “buff” like the ones you’ve seen on the tv show Survivor.  They can be worn more than a dozen different ways and are the perfect summer accessory!  They only cost $5 and all of the proceeds from your purchase go toward support of The Central PA Humane Society.    Get them for you, a friend, a furry friend and the kids and know that you are doing your part to support a great cause.


The Salon Professional Academy is running a fun contest that could make you “Insta-famous” and hook you up with a fabulous prize.   Simply follow the steps below for a chance to win the grand prize.

The contest is simple:

  • Purchase a TSPA Buff at the school
  • Take a fun, creative selfie prominently featuring you wearing the buff.(keep the images appropriate please 😊 )
  • Post it to your Instagram account using these two hashtags: [#tspainthebuff] & [#tspaaltoona]
  • Post your picture by August 1st
  • Check back with the school, our social media accounts, and/or website to see if you won and to claim your prize.

CONTEST DETAILS: Employees, currently enrolled students, and direct account contacts from vendors/companies affiliated with the school are ineligible to win the grand prize.  All posts need to be of an appropriate nature. Lewd, profane, discriminatory, or inappropriate posts will be disqualified.  Winner must claim prize by September 1st, 2019 or it will be awarded to the next selected post winner.  Contact this school with any additional questions you may have.  The use of the word “buff” is a play on words as well as the colloquial, generic term for a stretchy, tubular-sewn scarf and not meant to imply the product being sold for charity is the trademark brand BUFF®. 


If Traditional College Wasn’t For You, Your Future is Still Bright

Sometimes it takes trying out a job, college, or program to figure out that it may not be the thing for you after all. We can see where anyone who has withdrawn from a university may feel discouraged or nervous for the future. If you’ve recently left college or made another drastic life change, you aren’t alone. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Altoona, we’ve seen people blossom, discovering their passion and purpose. You could be next.

college is hard

The Future is About You

Let’s make this short and sweet. If you don’t love it, don’t do it! Realizing what is all wrong for you (like college) is the first step toward discovering your passion. It may feel like a load of trial and error, but it may also bring you one step closer to the perfect fit. Need a change? Let go of anything that holds you back so that the good things have room to come together in front of you.

Don’t Let Change Scare You

Instead, let change be the motivator! Taking time to seek what the world has to offer is the only way to find those fitting opportunities. Your time is now! Research, experiment, or talk to friends and confidants about finding the path just right for you. Exploration can be a beautiful thing. Starting fresh, like attending TSPA Altoona, can guide you to a new career, talent discovery, friendships, and reduced stress. Pave your own future with an opportunity for growth at beauty school. A simple tour of our school can give you a great first look at a potential future.

wink okay success woman

Success That Doesn’t Require a Diploma.

College is not the only road to success. In fact, billionaires like Bill Gates and Giorgio Armani left college to pursue their own dreams and businesses. Resigning from college is a chance to take a leap! If entrepreneurship intrigues you, then beauty school could be for you! As a cosmetologist or manicurist, you can pursue and run our own business. Options can include owning a salon, becoming a beauty educator, teaching master classes, working from home, or renting your own space. Business ownership is just one potential option as a cosmetology school graduate. Dream-chasing doesn’t require a degree!

Study What the Name Says

Learn the tricks of the trade! While any bachelor’s degree requires the completion of several extra or irrelevant courses, beauty school hones in on exactly that: beauty! To those art majors stuck taking math classes, we salute you. But forget weeder classes, statistics, and organic chemistry. Specialize in the trade you came to TSPA Altoona for. Instead of studying for four years and hoping to land a job, you can receive professional experience in the industry during your education, working with real guests and networking with professionals.

makeup artist

If college wasn’t for you, cosmetology could be! Leave those stressful year-round testing, late night jam cram slams, and student meal plan PTSD behind you where it belongs. Dropping out could just be an opportunity to drop in. Ridding the burden and stress of a university could be a blessing in disguise that brings you closer to our front door. Seek opportunity at TSPA Altoona today.

{Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit}

Mystic Tan Has Come to Altoona!

Like a cold front that comes up out of the Gulf and pushes off to the east – Mystic Tan has hit Altoona. The Salon Professional Academy Altoona has long worked to offer some huge innovations and cutting edge techniques, embracing some of the biggest trends before they hit the mainstream. No where is that more evident than in our newest addition, something that, while not unique to the beauty industry, has been mostly unheard of within a cosmetology school: A Mystic Tan booth. As one of the first in country to include this in their list of services, TSPA Altoona is excited to offer this as an asset to not only their students but to the community as well. If you have ever been interested in spray tans, or have gotten one in the past, here are six things you will want to know about this exciting service.

  1. It’s Fully Automated!

    The Mystic Tan booth is one of the most advanced in the country, offering a fully automated system that not only tells you where and how to stand, but will even dry you off, ensuring that from the moment you step out of the booth you are ready to hit the town.

  2. It’s Customizable!

    With several customizable scents, and a wide array of shades that react to your skin tone, The Mystic Tan spray service helps you create a look that is unique to you, all while avoiding that horrifying orange hue spray tans are known for.

  3. It’s Accelerated!

    No, literally. The Mystic Spray Tan system works with your skin tone, utilizing an accelerator that blossoms on your skin, giving you that “just home from the beach” feel. While you’ll be tan free just out of the booth, within a few hours the color will blossom. Want color sooner? You can easily add a bronzer to your custom mixture. Even better? The floor of the booth is ionized, helping the tanning solution to stick to your skin and giving that color an opportunity to last even longer.

  4. It’s Not Cool!

    Well, it is, but what we mean to say is that the booth is heated! You won’t be stepping into cold air and onto and even colder floor. The entire thing is heated for your comfort.

  5. It’s Fast!

    Taking about 15 minutes from the time you walk through our doors, to the time you leave, this process is one of the fastest out there. In fact, although appointments are recommended, walk ins are welcome and the most you will be waiting is just a few minutes.

  6. It’s Sanitary!

    While the fully automated book has an autoclean feature, the staff and students at TSPA Altoona take that cleanliness one step further by washing out and wiping down the booth between each use. You have nothing to fear!

Mystic Tan in Altoona

        Ready to plunge right into your first (or next) tanning experience? 

Give us a call today and get ready to visit the beach!



Fundraiser For Fallen PA State Trooper’s Family Begins Thursday at The Salon Professional Academy


Altoona – Thursday, March 9th, 9:00am – 8:30pm. 

Donations will directly support State Trooper Landon Weaver’s family.

 Join The Salon Professional Academy for a fundraiser to directly support State Troops Landon Weaver’s family. The Salon Professional Academy is donating 25% of all sales during the fundraiser.   For community member’s who want to make a direct donation, there will be a donation box. Purchases may include salon services, spa & spray tanning packages, gift certificates and all salon products.

Learn more about Trooper Weaver’s personal story here:

If you would like to learn more about the event or more about supporting this family. Please call 814-944-4494

Watch For Our Posters, please share this posting on your Facebook or other social media favorite spots.






Trim Hunger Cut-A-Thon Sept 27th


On September 27th, Trim Hunger hopes to break the Guinness Book of World Records’ existing record for the most people cutting hair at the same time when over 20 Trim Hunger Cut-A-Thons will be held simultaneously at The Salon Professional Academies (TSPAs) across the nation. Additionally, a wide variety of events and fund-raisers will take place at individual participating TSPA franchise locations. To learn more about Trim Hunger, visit

In recognition of Hunger Awareness Month, Redken 5th Avenue NYC in collaboration with The Salon Professional Academy, will host the Trim Hunger™ Cut-A-Thon at the Redken Exchange in NYC on Thursday, September 10th from 10am– 3:30 pm to benefit City Harvest, a food rescue organization dedicated to helping feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger.

Top Redken stylists will be giving haircuts, blowouts and braids for a minimum donation of $25. Much like the way color specific ribbons are worn in support of causes, painting your thumbnail has taken on the same social identity. Essie, also a sponsor of the event, will be offering “orange thumbie” manicures in their Trim Hunger “Roarrrrange” shade as a symbol of support in the fight against hunger.

Trim Hunger is the most recent non-profit endeavor of Redken stylist Josif Wittnik, owner of Salon CTI and Day Spa and The Salon Professional Academy in Appleton, WI. Following a local project to help feed families in need in his community, Josif developed Trim Hunger to raise awareness for the cause and feed the hungry on a national level.

“It costs City Harvest just 25 cents to rescue and deliver one pound of food in New York City, and with more than 2.6 million New Yorkers struggling to afford food for themselves and their families, a little bit goes a long way,” says Leslie Marino, General Manager, Redken US. “Redken’s Trim Hunger Cut-A-Thon will bring together both stylists and members of the community to help make an immediate impact on the fight against hunger in New York City.”